Civil Engineers: Masters of Relationships!?

Engineers get a lot of grief for being not good with relationships.  I say: No More! 

We were always relationship-focused, but we didn’t necessarily know how to manage them.  We didn’t quite have the tools.  But that was then.

Ask any Hollywood Celebrity or Gossip Reporter: “Do you care about the relationship between this Profile Grade Line and that Edge of Pavement?”  They’d surely respond, “Of course not.  Who would care about that?”  We do, people.  We do.

We’re pretty much the unrivaled matchmakers of the infrastructure world.  The scope of our caring transcends just people.  We create relationships between such seemingly insignificant things as a centerline and a road edge.  And not in just one dimension.  Multi-planar:  12-foot horizontally, -2% vertically.  We care about the depths of relationships: consider a pavement section.


In the past though, we were not very good at maintaining relationships.  The slightest change in circumstance would totally wreck our relationships.  “The centerline shifted? I’m now surrounded by orphans!” We could recover, but we’d essentially have to start over from scratch.

OpenRoads not only helps you create relationships, it remembers the relationship for you once you’ve created one.  This is handy, because with OpenRoads, you’re going to be creating a LOT of relationships.  And it’s easy, too.  You don’t even need to think about it, really.  Just do your thing and OpenRoads will remember.  Even a relationship as casual as a snap is important to OpenRoads and it remembers it for you.

But don’t worry about getting bogged down or stretched thin by all these relationships: you don’t even need to think about them.  They’re not a burden.  They’re normally invisible.  Clicking on an object will show you the relationships via the Heads Up Display and through Properties.  Literally at your fingertips when you want to reminisce.

Gone are the days of having instantly-forgotten one night stance.  “Didn’t I just perpendicularly connect to you 30 seconds ago?”  “I don’t remember.  But I’ve moved on and I’ve left you behind.”  Say goodbye to that pain.

This begs the question “Does this make OpenRoads a bit, um, stalky?” Or “Will OpenRoads get all Spousal with me: ‘Remember that stupid move you made 5 years ago?’”  Fortunately, OpenRoads has a suite of tools that help you manage the relationships.  In my personal life I wish I had some OpenRoads Relationship Tools:

Deactivate Rules – a temporary Hall Pass where we can re-Activate Rules when we see fit

Deactivate Reference Rules – “stop bringing up that stupid move: it was five years ago!”

There’s a Transform tool where you can transform your circumstance in some standard and custom ways

Remove Rules – a little harsh, but always an option.

There’s even a Complex Redefine tool where you can essentially switch who you have to obey.  And once your new Relationship Prowess becomes evident and with your soaring confidence, you’ll probably use this a lot as your social status climbs.  And you don’t even need to be “in between relationships”, you can do an instant upgrade.  

New Rules Tools are being created all the time.  I believe this is based on that old Socialite saying “Once you understand the rules, it’s time for me to change the rules”.  Well, guess what?  The Rules Rules have changed, and, baby, we’re the Relationships Masters now!

Note: The power WILL  go to your head, but use it for good, not for evil.   Always, always, always, be respectful in all your relationships.