Creating a Realistic Civil Model – “Engineers are Just Like Everyone Else”

During his Tuesday morning Creating a Realistic Model with Pavement Markings, Signs, and Other Objects lecture Derricke Gray, Civil Product Manager and #Bentley15 trainer, noted that when it comes to adding functionality to a basic OpenRoads model, Engineers are indeed just like everyone else.

“Putting visualization in the hands of the designer early in the process is a key benefit to OpenRoads,” said Derrick, “but engineers need to see their designs visualized in order to properly detect and eliminate errors prior to construction. We want to put cars and trucks out there . . . we want to see signs, pavement markings, and trees . . . and we want to drive down our road.”

Derrick took a hands-on approach with the lecture, providing step-by-step tutorials for turning a basic OpenRoads model into something like this:

Among the topics covered:

  • Drape Images
  • Materials
  • Pavement Marking
  • Vehicles
  • Trees
  • Signs
  • Other Objects

Want to take your Civil Model even further?  Watch the on-demand course in the LEARNserver. Click on the course title, LEARNing Conference 2015 - OpenRoads Technology Lectures, and scroll down to see the expanded course info opened to the available videos.