Getting Started with Data Acquisition – Data Acquisition Settings part 2

The Linking Codes group contains four important settings:

The Linking Method setting provides three options for the creation of linear features; the two most used options are Field Code and Consecutive:

  1. Field Code - this is the standard case, where linking codes are used to control the creation of linear features.
    For example, a new linear feature starts when the linking code ST is found:

08KI317             578745.507      267173.801      -0.372          UU ST
08KI318             578760.492      267187.020      -0.356          UU   
08KI319             578777.601      267200.694      -0.351          UU   
08KI320             578776.130      267202.064      0.341           UU ST
08KI321             578764.649      267191.708      0.191           UU   
08KI322             578746.625      267175.959      0.360           UU   

This will create two (2) linear features. Both linear features will have the style "UU" and each will contain 3 points.

  1. Consecutive - you can use this setting when no linking codes are used in your survey; in that case a new linear feature starts or ends when the feature code changes, unless the feature is in the feature exclusion table, for example:

08KI317             578745.507      267173.801      -0.372          ce   
08KI318             578760.492      267187.020      -0.356          ce   
08KI319             578777.601      267200.694      -0.351          pt   
08KI320             578776.130      267202.064      0.341           ew   
08KI321             578764.649      267191.708      0.191           ew   
08KI322             578746.625      267175.959      0.360           pt   

This will create two linear features. One will have the style "ce" and contain 2 points. The other will have the style "ew" and contain two points. There will not be a linear feature created for the "pt" points as they are single points.

Typically, for MX users, features starting with "p" will be excluded from consideration for linear feature creation by adding the prefix "p" to the Feature Exclusion list.


The Linking Code Before Feature and Link Codes settings are only used in combination with Linking Method = Field Code.

The Linking Code Before Feature setting (True/False) is pretty self-explaining. In the above example for the field code, the linking code is after the feature code.

The Link Codes setting let you define a table with linking codes:

Please note that you must click on 'Accept' to save any modifications made to the table.


Feature Exclusions is only used in combination with Linking Method = Consecutive or Non-Consectutive. Here you can define which point features are excluded from creating linear features:


This covers the most important settings. For a complete list of all settings, please look at the Data Acquisition Help.