New Civil Tools: What's New or Changed in Select Series 1 Refresh?

What is new or changed in V8i Select Series 1 (Refresh) for the Civil Enhancements?

  1. Data Acquisition - 
    1. Added ability to colect SUrvey data without start and end linking codes.  This can be done in two methods: 
      1. If consecutive points have matching feature definition then connect to a line
      2. Connect all matching features in the dataset, even if the points are non-consecutive
    2. Added user customizable view filters 
    3. Added crossing breakline detection
    4. Useability enhancments 
    5. Improved MX integration
    6. Added point feature column to the control points display
    7. Various bug fixes
  2. Civil Geometry - 
    1. Performance and stability enhancements
    2. Spiral Between Elements - Added ability to define a common radius
    3. Fixed GPK synchronization problem when UNDO
    4. Improved MX integration
    5. Various bug fixes
  3. Roundabouts - 
    1. Stability improvements
    2. Fixed problems with features and naming of roundabout elements
    3. Various bug fixes