OpenRoads ConceptStation is now around the corner! Now available as pre-order for North American users!

Dear users,

We are very excited to announce that OpenRoads ConceptStation a brand new product to support your conceptual design workflows is coming up right around the corner!

To help you understand the scope of the product here is a sneak peak. Hope you enjoy!

Demo #1: Creating a new project and incorporating context information from our GeoCoordination Cloud Services (free as part of the product)

Demo #2: Create and edit roads

Demo #3: Lane marking modification

Demo #4: Place and edit bridge

Demo #5: Place and edit intersection

Demo #6: Place and edit ramp

Demo #7: Cost estimation

Demo #8: Place and edit city furniture

Demo #9: Real-time visualization

Demo #10: Export road alignment to OpenRoads, InRoads, GEOPAK and MX

Demo #11: import from local files

To know more about our exceptional pre-order program for North American users, please contact sales