OpenRoads Cross Section and Profile Viewer

Flipping through models created by OpenRoads Designer can be repetitive and error-prone. The OpenRoads Cross Section and Profile Viewer seeks to solve this problem. It may be used to quickly and easily navigate or step through drawing and sheet models of cross sections and plans and profiles.

It has a Zoom feature that scales view windows for greater clarity.

Once the settings are established to one's satisfaction, the dialog box can be minimized into a much shorter version.

There is a Play option that will step through models in 1-second increments, creating a kind of animation.

Version 1.2: On July 21, added support for cross sections with decimal symbols in the model names.

Version 1.3:  On July 27, changed minimum counter to allow for single drawing/sheet models, and added a message box to let users know if no models were found of the selected type. Thanks to Mark Shamoun of Arcadis for these changes!

Version 1.4: On August 10, handled when the user is not working in View 1 (courtesy of Mark Shamoun of Arcadis).