OpenRoads Level Display Batch Processor

Let's say one has created plan and profile sheets or cross sections with OpenRoads Designer. There are dozens or, perhaps, hundreds of them. Now one needs to turn on or off a level or two in each model. OpenRoads Level Display Batch Processor to the rescue!

Because OpenRoads Designer creates drawings and sheets in a very structured, programmatic way, OpenRoads Level Display Batch Processor can "copy" level display settings from model to model. Simply setup the active model the way one wants and run the VBA macro.

If all models are in the same file, use the Active File option. If the models are in many files, pre-populate the Files list using the Browse File and Browse Folder options.

The macro can also be used to turn the display of reference attachments on or off; use the Toggle Reference Attachment Display option.

There are also options to exclude or include models using filter strings.

Note: This macro contains no OpenRoads Designer specific code. However, to function properly, it does require that attachments be set up with similar names, nesting depth, etc.

OpenRoads Level Display Batch Processor