OpenRoads/OpenRail Courses for Everybody

Traditionally, our core training has been written for our "core" Learner: the Roadway Designer.  That's okay - if you're a roadway designer.

We now have a series of courses that are designed to gently - and a little more coherently - introduce the OpenRoads and OpenRail Designer platform. 

There's a clear Learning Outcome:  Learners with a little prior CAD experience will, in a couple hours, master Civil Engineering Evaluation of OpenRoads/OpenRail files.

You will understand "how OpenRoads works", be able to evaluate Geometry, view Profiles, generate Contours, view Cross Sections, generate Reports, etc. 

Here's what's different about these new classes:  we don't make you create the things before you learn to evaluate them.  Not everybody who needs to check geometry needs to know how to create geometry.  Not everybody who needs to use terrains, needs to create terrain. 

If you are or want to be an OpenRoads/OpenRail creator, it is no burden to master the Evaluation tools before you start with the Building tools.  In fact, it will allow you to Build better (and learn better, especially in OnDemand Training).

OpenRoads for Everyone - Core Skills Learning Path

  • QuickStart - Navigating the Interface    
  • QuickStart for Terrain Display                              
  • QuickStart - Evaluating Horizontal Geometry    
  • QuickStart - Evaluating Profile Geometry
  • QuickStart - Viewing Cross Section Models

I guarantee these courses are too complex for nobody, and free from esoteric fluff.  Universal skills.

Are you an SELECTseries 2 Guru looking to see what ORD is all about?  Are you thinking of migrating?  Are you a brand new Bentley Civil user?   Start here.

Are you tired of your manager always asking for you to check or print something for him?  Stop giving him fishes: have him teach himself to fish.

StormCAD User who wants an immersive 3D design environment?  Take the first two and then the Evaluating Subsurface Utilities and Creation Courses.