Point Cloud data import

Following are the steps to import the point cloud data
to create survey model in MXRoad

1. From the CAD menu go to "File > Point Clouds" to bring up the panel below :


2. Select "File > Attach" and then browse to the folder containing the point cloud data. Say, *.xyz format. Hit 'Open' to open the 'Convert Generic Text' dialog box. Here, you can change the settings for the import. Hit OK to continue and the POD file, this is a part of the conversion process and the file is attached to the drawing similar to a reference file. Fit View will show the imported clouds.

3. Now, go to "Tools > Data Acquisition", right click on 'Surface', select 'Create Surface > Import From Point Clouds'.

The 'Point Cloud Surface' panel will appear, select 'No Filter' and Accept.

The point clouds will now be imported as surface. You can detach the point cloud pod file now, as it has been imported into the Data Acquisition.

4. MX will not import if the naming contains certain characters, i.e. _ / etc. At this stage it is best to rename the point cloud surface to a name you will use in MX, for example DTM Survey. You can change this in the Data Acquisition Details panel as shown below:

5. Now, right on the DTM survey in the 'Data Acquisition' panel and select 'Export > MX modelfile'.

Select the model.fil for the project and select Save.

6. In the model drop down list there will now be a DTM Survey triangulation model.

Hope this article helps you to import the point cloud data and then create a survey model in MXRoad.