Power GEOPAK SS3 – Blank dialog in Annotate Cross Sections and End Area Volumes command

Problem:  In Power GEOPAK SS3 (v08.11.09.493) some users may see blank tabs in the following dialogs:

End-Area Volumes>Annotation
Annotate Cross Section>Points>General
Annotate Cross Section>Segments>General
Annotate Cross Section>Features>General

This problem exists on some machines that do not have the Windows control file “MSHFlxGd.ocx” present on the machine.

Solution:  To resolve this problem, the file “MSHFlxGd.ocx” must be copied to the “C:\Windows\SysWOW64” folder (Windows 7) and registered using the “regsvr32.exe” file.

To do this, you can copy the “MSHFlxGd.ocx” from the following location:

This download also contains a .BAT file that will copy and register the file automatically if desired.