"Use Closest" in Target Aliasing

We are sometimes asked "If I have the Use Closest toggle turned ON in the Target Aliasing command, why didn't my end conditions find the closest surface."

Here's the answer.  The End Conditions solve as defined by their priority.  So, when a set of end condtions are placed, the Priority 1 end condition tries to find it's target first, by looking (in order) down through the list of Target Aliases.  If it finds a solution and the Use  Closest toggle is ON, it continues to look at the targets in the list to see if one results in a shorter solution. 
If this Priority 1 end condition is successful in finding at least one target, the end condition set stops processing as it has been successful.

Even though the Priority 2 end condition my have resulted in a 'closer' solution, it is never considered because the Priority 1 end condition solves.

So, what do you do if you find a station range where you really would have liked a different end condition to have solved?  Use End Condition Exceptions.  Create an end condition that is basically the same as the one being used already, but just has it's priorities re-arranged.  Then specify this end condition as an end condition override for a station range you define.