Renumbering alignment points

Problem:  An alignment was created from existing random cogo points, how can these points in the alignment be re-numbered to a new number sequence?

Solution:  Geometry>Utilities>Assign Names.  Select Alignments radio button then click in the field beneath Name (Filter on the right becomes active).  Select Filter and the Alignment to be renumber, add the alignment from Available to Select column, and then OK.  Select appropriate Method, Assign if no name exists, Delete to remove current names and Rename to change existing names, which is this case.  Ensure that Check for Coincident Points is selected, this option looks for an existing named point that has the same northing and easting coordinates as the geometry point that is being assigned or reassigned. If a point is found, that name will be used. A review of this point will show that it is a shared point in other alignments.  At Seed Name, key-in the starting alphanumeric name that will be incremented as points are assigned.