The top two reasons for missing components and/or features in a surface created from the Roadway Designer.

The top two reasons for missing components or features from a surface when created from the Roadway Designer are from not completing template transitions or clipping options settings for the Create Surface command.


If you need assistance with template transitions, please see the wiki post or view the video for template transitions.


  • Hello all,

    I am running Microstation V8i Select Series 2 with geopak.  I have created a preliminary surface using the roadway designer.  When I create my surface, and toggle on the display components my top surface does not appear in most locations.  The base and subbase underneath the concrete appear, but not the concrete component.  I don't believe this is related to the template transitions because they are all disabled and the missing components do not coincide with the transition locations.  I am not using any clipping options so I don't think that is the reason either.  The sections appear fine in the roadway designer dialog box.

    Any thoughts?

    The template I built is for a divided urban roadway.  I have an alignment running down the center and have pgls on the curb lines.  I am using end conditions to locate the pgls in my template.  Is it maybe how the template was constructed?