The Value of Bentley LEARNing Conferences

 What makes for a great learning experience? Is it the ability to connect  with your peers and share ideas? Is it the instant gratification of experiencing that “ah ha!” moment with an instructor?

I remember sitting in large university lectures with over 300 students. Some students were fidgeting, others were sleeping, and most were mindlessly clicking on laptops, glancing up at the professor occasionally as the lecture crept by.

Those classes didn’t do it for me. I was itching for that spark, the passion I felt after walking away from an excellent class. Thankfully, I had more passion-filled classes with energetic professors than dull courses that felt like a chore. My absolute best college work came from courses that had small class sizes, eager instructors, and just as eager students.

Roaming the city of Philadelphia and completing beat assignments and photojournalistic stories – those were my “ah ha!” moments. Returning to the student newsroom and sharing our crafted stories – that was the ultimate learning experience.

The Bentley LEARNing Conferences exist to create the ultimate learning experience – that “ah ha!” moment for users of Bentley software – for you.

The conference lectures are small and hands-on workshops are even smaller for the ideal presenter-to-student ratio. There are dozens of classes to choose from, ranging from beginner to advanced level of difficulty. There are various opportunities to connect with peers and Bentley presenters – breakfast discussions, coffee breaks, networking dinners, and the like.

If you’re super stumped, there are even one-on-one opportunities to work with Bentley presenters during Ask an Expert hours. We want to make sure you have all the tools necessary to walk away with everything you need to work smarter and harder.

When you return to the office, we want you brimming with excitement and enthusiasm, and for that excitement to permeate your organization. We want you to share the passion of your “ah ha!” moment – and you can. After the event concludes, there are learning paths filled with the lectures and courses you attended during the event. You can share these learning paths with whomever you please, and the learning can continue.

The value of the Bentley LEARNing Conferences is that, well, they are invaluable. It isn’t necessarily how much you learn during the week, but rather how you learn. Everyone’s learning experience is different, and that’s what makes the conferences so great.



Are you interested in attending a Bentley LEARNing Conference? Visit and for more information regarding the San Antonio and Columbus civil conferences.