Why Don't I see any of the new Civil Tools?

The three tools require certain CFG files to set them up properly.  If you use custom workspaces, make sure that you include these in your customizations.

The precense or abcense of the new Civil tools are controlled by additional CFG files.  These are called from within the GEOPAK, InRoads or MX configuration.  Please note the following excerpts from the default GEOPAK cfg.

%include $(CommonProgramFiles)/Bentley Shared/Civil Platform/08.11.07/Bentley Civil Assembly Location MS - Required.2.0.cfg
%include $(CommonProgramFiles)/Bentley Shared/Civil Platform/08.11.07/Bentley CivilPlatform.cfg

These two lines are required even if you do not use the new tools so make sure they are in place somewhere in your workspace for proper functioning of both the new tools and the native civil products.

In addition, the following lines are necessary to enable the new Civil tools.

%include $(BC_COMMONFILES)Bentley Civil Accudraw.cfg
%include $(BC_COMMONFILES)Bentley Civil DA.cfg
%include $(BC_COMMONFILES)Bentley Civil Geometry.cfg
%include $(BC_COMMONFILES)Bentley Civil GPS.cfg
%include $(BC_COMMONFILES)Bentley Civil Roundabouts.cfg