Why OpenRoads is Transformative - in two minutes.

This is my favorite thing to show new users.

I can show you why OpenRoads is Revolutionary in two minutes.  And it’s not it’s super high-end capabilities (Corridors are largely the same as the old Roadway Designer without the clunky interface).  OpenRoads has a great Head-Up Interface, amazingly streamlined and powerful Geometry (I can’t believe I was actually happy with the old InRoads Geometry).

The essence of what makes working in OpenRoads revolutionary and transformative is:

  • OpenRoads Remembers. It remembers how you built your model, so that when you make a change it updates the model based on how you built it.  It’s built in from the beginning.
  • One format: the dgn. No hidden files, no graphics you can’t trust.  What you see is what you get.  Universal Shareability, upstream and downstream.  You can do more because you’re on a common data platform.