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Which package for grading?

Hello all.

I'm trying to figure out what Bentley offering will best fit my needs for grading so I figured I'd ask the experts.  It looks as though Bentley now offers an overwelming selection of product that do the same thing so I would appricate any comments.

I currently use MicroStation V8i. In the past I used TDP (VAX) and InRoads up to Version 5.

What I will be doing.

  • Grading small sites, parking, drives, etc.
  • Small Subdivisions + Cut and Fill
  • Small storm sewer designs.  Easy enough to do "by hand" but would like abiltiy to cut surface profiles and crossections.
  • Possible need to coordiantion with AutoCAD Civil 3D projects.

What I won't be doing.

  • Major Highway work.  I.E.  Pushing templates, Mass haul, Interchanges etc.
  • Large storm and sanitary sewer design.
  • Bridges



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  • You may want to look at PowerCivil...

    However if you like the functionality you have with Inroads Site You may opt to stay with something you know. Depending on when you last used it you may see some new features in the current and future releases.


    Basicaly any of our software that holds the complete Site Modeler will provide the most dynamic workflow. Additionally if you need some drainage and utility functionality PowerCivil includes GEOPAK Drainage and Water Sewer.

    It is not intended to be used on large scale road design where a tool like Roadway designer dominates.

    Check out the site http://www.powercivil.com/ and the YouTube links below.


    Mike Barkasi

    Bentley Civil

    Professional Services

    Michael Barkasi

    Bentley Civil

    Professional Services

  • Do not forget the learning curve and setup times. Sometimes you can grab a DOT preference file (or GEOPAK D&C Manager file) to avoid some setup times. But you will need to get comfortable. Your old InRoads experience will help, but the new Roadway Designer will be just that - new. However, it allows you to build one composite surface within it from many roads or corridors. A corridor can be along an alignment or a feature, so you can grade ponds and parking lots as well as subdivision streets. I've been beating on it for over a year and am still learning new things. InRoads Site only includes the template editor and the ability to run a template along a feature. You would have to build up your own surface manually with it. 

    One thing to look at is the Civil Extensions - they can run in a GEOPAK mode or InRoads mode. You can check a little of their workflows, even though most design tools are missing from them.

    I'm also pretty sure either package can export and import LandXML files to work with Autodesk civil products.

    CADDCOP (Chuck Rheault)

    • MicroStation user since IGDS!
    • InRoads user since TDP!
    • Dragged kicking and screaming into the world of Civil 3D, too!

  • In reply to M Barkasi:

    Mike, OK, What software holds the complete Site Modeler? Have you guys ever thought of having a Civil Product Matrix that compares feature or doesn't Excel support grids that large. :-)
  • In reply to caddcop:

    Site Modeler? Roadway Designer? Civil Extensions? Man I've been out of this game to long. Are these products or parts of or what? It was bad enough when it was GeoPak vs InRoads with a little Eagle Point thrown in. 10 years ago I would have thought the best of each would have been merged into one by now, not dividing like bacteria.
  • In reply to DavidG:


    Since noone else from Bentley has responded...

    There are basically 3 major Civil design solutions inside Bentley Systems, Inroads, GEOPAK and MX Road.

    I am mostly familiar with Inroads and GEOPAK (PowerCivil in America is an offshoot of GEOPAK Site).

    If you are on Select and using the latest versions of these products you will see new tools that are common in all 3 , such as Round a bout design, Civil Accudraw, Civil GPS. Roadway designer is now in both Inroads and GEOPAK (not sure about MX).

    I clear roadmap for these products has been laid out at various Bentley conferences. Your best bet would be to contact Bentley Sales 1-800-BENTLEY and speak with an account rep.

    Currently only GEOPAK Site and PowerCivil contain Site Modeler. This is not to say site design cannot be done using the other software Bentley offers. It is however the most dynamic modeling tool specific to site design currently offered.

    Feel free to email directly if you would like to see a brief demonstration. mike.barkasi@bentley.com


    Mike Barkasi

    Bentley Civil

    Professional Services 

    Michael Barkasi

    Bentley Civil

    Professional Services

  • In reply to M Barkasi:

    Mike, Thanks for the response. OK I think I get it, at least the what part not the why? part. You offer "3 major ..." Each parted out into smaller packages that offer the same solution using some dissimilar and some common functionality. It still remains unclear to me how PowerCivil, being a standalone product and not part of the "Big 3" fits in with MicroStation. How are contours generated in PowerCivil/GeoPAK site displayed in vanilla MicroStation? Do you write them out to a DGN file or are they stored as some sort of object like C3D? I haven't been to an conferences in a few years. Ironically I was going to go this year but it was canceled. Sales rep is supposed to contact me tomorrow. Thanks, DavidG

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