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[InRoads v8i]Powerdraft and InRoads data

InRoads v8i works fine with Microstation files. It often happens I need to
edit these files to prepare final drawings (printouts) eg. add some
dimensions, details descriptions and so on.
I would like to use PowerDraft for that kind of job to be done.
Since Inroads is not certiefied for Powerdrat, I am afraid to lose Inroads
data by editing dgn files with PowerDraft.
I had this case that Inroads was blind for Profiles, X-sections which had
been created prior to editing dgn file with PowerDraft. Was it an accident
or a rule?
Is it safe to edit file with Powerdraft and than work with Mstn+Inroads on
it again?

Thanks in advance.


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  • Adam,

    When editing InRoads generated graphics, you must be aware that certain graphics contain "user data" that adds intelligence to those objects. In other instances, we add graphics such as in the case of profiles and cross sections. These are text nodes that tell InRoads what the graphics are and define the data required to make them intelligent.

    As a general rule you should be ok editing InRoads data. If you copy or delete or modify the graphics that compromise this data you could cause some issues.



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  • This is not an issue restricted to PowerDraft. With any version of MicroStation, certain tools can remove the user data that InRoads attaches to elements that it uses to identify them as InRoads elements.

    However, the design information is still saved in the geometry project or the dtm or the roadway designer files.

    If you are only moving text around using basic tools, there should not be an issue. But if you start copying elements, things can be retained that makes InRoads treat the copies as elements it created.

    I've seen and heard of people copying a centerline parallel to create their road edges and sidewalks and other parallel linework and then someone needs to change some small item related to the original centerline and InRoads grabs the whole mess and erases it in preparation for displaying the revised centerline.

    Some offices have working InRoads files and copy that data into other files to create their sheets to eliminate that issue, but that just opens up the whole version world.

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