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MX Road Tutorials


I'm relatively new to MX Road and have been searching for a while to try and find some tutorials on the use of MX Road, and how to undertake basic designs within this software. I know the help files are present but i'd ideally like a document I could print and keep as a reference. I use input files and it would also be handy if there were any input files available for drawing long/cross-sections, earthworks, or anything else.

Many Thanks!

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  • Hi

    You can find tutorials in the MX Road help file which give tutorials on the topics below

    Tutorial 1 - Getting Started

    Tutorial 2 - Introduction to MX

    Tutorial 3 - Alignment Design

    Tutorial 4 - Carriageway and Earthworks Design

    Tutorial 5 - Visibility

    Tutorial 6 - Sections and Volumes

    Tutorial 7 - Advanced Feature and Level Mapping

    Tutorial 8 - Final Drawings

    Attached is the command language reference document.


    Jason Walsh

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    MOSS User Manual attached which shows examples of using the input files for the various functions.


    Jason Walsh

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    Cheers Jason,

    I'd already found a copy of the Command Language online, but the Moss Manual looks very useful. It'll take a while getting through it I suspect, but seems to be exactly what I'm looking for.

    Best Regards.

     If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he still lucky?    

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    how to create existing ground level at center line of cross section. Please write comment to my mail: Thanks!

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