BUG: OpenRoads and Collaboration in Today’s World - 2021 Virtual Bentley Bash - Transportation Keynote

Title: OpenRoads and Collaboration in Today’s World - Transportation Keynote 
Event: 2021 Virtual Bentley Bash
Bentley User Group:
Arizona MicroStation Local Community and Tucson Bentley User Group
: Derricke Gray, Director, Project Management, Bentley Systems Inc
Date and Time: November 17, 2021 at 9:00 AM MST

This presentation will take a high-level look at recent technology developments in OpenRoads Designer, specifically in the area of sharing data and collaboration. With the changes in the world because of the pandemic, the ability to share data and collaboration across multiple locations is a topic more relevant than ever. Attendees will obtain a better understanding of not only the technology available, but of the state of the industry as a whole.

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