Coffee Corner: OpenRoads - OpenRoads Designer Civil Labeler

Title: Coffee Corner: OpenRoads - OpenRoads Designer Civil Labeler
PresentersDan Ahern, PE, Senior Product Manager, Bentley Systems, Inc. and Scott Urbas, PE, Civil Content Manager, Bentley Systems, Inc.
Date: Wednesday, January 12, 2022
Time: 01:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Please join us as we take a deep dive into using the new Civil Labeler tool.

The Civil Labeler tool supports complex labels computed from one or multiple targets (e.g., crossing alignments or elevation/offset along plan element with stationing relative to the centerline). Labels can include many types of leaders and frames around the text. Labels are dynamic and associative.

In this session, you will learn how to place different types of civil labels and you will also learn how the Civil Labeler tool is setup and configured.

Note: This Coffee Corner is best suited for intermediate or advanced users with practical application experience.

Bentley OpenRoads Coffee Corners are open to all Bentley users, free of charge. One learning unit is applied to each participant’s Bentley Transcript for self-reporting. To view prior sessions, watch the Recordings On-Demand.

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