InRoads template not recognized as an End Condition?

Hopefully this is something simple.  I have a 4-lane roadway template that includes guardrail shoulder component with 2:1 slope to surface, & a berm ditch component controlled by profile.  Works fine as part of a full roadway template.  So I copied the template to my End Conditions folder and erased all the lanes, median, etc. that I don't need - hoping to use the G/Rail and berm ditch portion as a special End Condition Exception on a 2-lane side road.

I can see and edit the template in Create Template dialog and it tests OK.  However, when I go to the Edit End Condition to try and replace the standard 2-lane shoulder with the G/Rail berm ditch, it is not visible in the library as an option to insert.

Is it because the desired shoulder/ditch is made of 2 components? If so, is there a way to combine them/redefine the combination as one End Condition? 

Thanks so much, Michael