What is the best Road Design Software of Bentley?

Hi everyone, can you please help me to know which is the best Road software of bentley. I think currently bentley have PowerInroad, PowerCivil, Geopak, MXroad, I dont really know which is the best for me to learn. When I check the capability in Bentley Website they all have same. Pls help

  • HI,

    Its not especially relevant, but it would be useful to know what country you are from.

    The key question is what sort of work you do and what your deliverable needs to be. If you could give us an idea of what sort of Highway work you do, Major Roads, Intersections, Housing Developments, Roundabouts etc, it will give us more of an idea a what to suggest.

    You are right there are 4 (3 really as Power Inroads and Powercivil and based on the same platform), different products, which have come from Bentley acquisitions.

    Fundamentally, they all do the same sort of thing, and moving forward, Bentley will have common Highway Design technology, which is starting to be used by all the products.

    So if you can give us a few more details, as mentioned above, that will give us an idea of how to move forward.


    Simon Pegg B. Eng (Hons). I.Eng

    Civil Support Manager.

  • Hi,

    Thanks Simon for your help, but when I say which is the best i'm talking about in general a software can used for Highway, Major Road, Land development and etc., I'am working Internationally currently working here in Saudi Arabia for a Land Development, Soon will move to Europe also. Kindly please let me know which is software of bentley for road is best to learn too. Currently my colleague they using Civil 3d, but I like bentley product but just dont know which one the best.

    Many thanks


  • The real truth is, most users will tell you the best one is the one they use. Having used Both InRoads and GEOPAK, I prefer InRoads, but there were many features of GEOPAK that I also liked.

    Bentley acquired these products over a number of years and in deference to their users, did not freeze development nor retire the product.

    Now, the future is what they call OpenRoads. Eventually, all functionality in the products will become OpenRoads and it won't matter the product in use. All three products now contain OpenRoads while retaining most of their individual features. If you stay in the SELECTseries 2 vesions, then the OpenRoads pieces are few and far between

    The least Civil 3D like is probably GEOPAK with MX and InRoads tied with each having some portions like Civil 3D and other not.

    OpenRoads will be more Civil 3D like in a number of ways - the DGN file becomes the container for DTM's, alignments, COGO points, Corridors with many external files begin going away.

    Charles (Chuck) Rheault
    CADD Manager

    MDOT State Highway Administration

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    • AutoCAD, Land Desktop and Civil 3D, off and on since 1996

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  • Hi IronMaxSteel,

    Currently, Zbrush is the most amazing software out there that I have tried and it is really very easy to use as well as low RAM consuming. I also tried some of the software suggested by eleggible that are also good.


    Mika Hawkins