OpenRoads (Geopak) Edit Horizontal Alignment

I would like to edit an alignment that has an active profile and I am having trouble understanding why I cannot edit a specific way.

First screen shot shows original alignment (of course this alignment extends further north).

Second screen shot shows complex element I want to replace beginning of original alignment with.

So essentially the beginning of the alignment will be shorter.  I tried to use the Complex Redefine.  I am allowed to select original alignment but when prompted to select complex element to redefine I get the circle with the line thru it and a prompt of Invalid Geometry type.

I know that the replacement complex element is valid as I can break the original alignment and then use the Complex By Elements command to join the replacement complex element with the rest of the now broken original alignment.  But this is not desired because I cannot use the original alignment name which is what my corridor is currently using.  The profile is associated to this new alignment but again my corridor is associated to the original alignment name.

I would like to keep original alignment intact and insert or replace the replacement alignment so as to keep the original alignment name which will not affect my corridor.  Anyone?



MS V8i

Geopak V8i

  • How about renaming the alignments once you have the replacement in the file.  Rename the original and then rename the replacement to match original.

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  • Beebe,

    Thanks for the reply and this did work although I had to go thru multiple steps to finish the process.

    I have outline the steps below:

    1. Make sure that the alignment that you want to modify is named properly and it has an active profile that is named the same as the alignment.
    2. Create the elements that will be the pieces that you will use to modify your alignment.  Beginning, ending, or in the middle.  These elements can be MicroStation lines, or curves or you can use the Geometry tools.
    3. If you create MicroStation elements you need to assign Civil Rules to the elements.
    4. Use the MicroStation Break Element tool but you have to use the Break By Point tool set to break the alignment at the specific points you want to insert or modify the alignment.
    5. After breaking the alignment the existing alignment will still exist but it will be in multiple pieces.  This is OK, no need to delete the pieces as we can rename them or assign the DNC-Null Feature Definition later.
    6. Use the Horizontal Complex by Elements tool to join the new elements with the existing elements that will make up the new alignment.  Make sure to give the new alignment a name like alignment-alt.
    7. Highlight the new alignment and open a profile model.  You should see the old alignments proposed profile.  This confirms that you created the new alignment correctly.
    8. Apply a civil rule to the profile by using the Create Civil Rule under the Vertical Geometry tools (this is crucial, if not done then you will not see the edit handles on the profile).  Then give the new profile a name that matches the new alignment and also make it the active profile for the new alignment.
    9. You should be able to rename the old alignment and old profile so you can name the new alignment and new profile to the old alignment and old profile.  You can do this via Project Explorer.  In order to rename the old profile you might have to open the profile model view of the old alignment.
    10. You can now modify the new profile.

    I basically layed out the steps from the video here but included the part about assign civil rule to the profile - 

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  • I have a similar scene to edit complex alignment which has active profile. I have to change the PI station and X,Y. The civil handle only shows the "dot". So, in short not showing the other civil handles which PI must show.

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  • Sean, Thanks for this workaround. However, even tough I keep the same name the link to the corridor is lost. 

    I think the redefine complex is a good tool, very needed to adjust/modify geometries, but it does not seem to work. In all the cases I have tried, I have been prompted by the invalid geometry type. Why does this happen? Why the geometry is invalid? Any idea?