OpenRoads (Geopak) Edit Horizontal Alignment

I would like to edit an alignment that has an active profile and I am having trouble understanding why I cannot edit a specific way.

First screen shot shows original alignment (of course this alignment extends further north).

Second screen shot shows complex element I want to replace beginning of original alignment with.

So essentially the beginning of the alignment will be shorter.  I tried to use the Complex Redefine.  I am allowed to select original alignment but when prompted to select complex element to redefine I get the circle with the line thru it and a prompt of Invalid Geometry type.

I know that the replacement complex element is valid as I can break the original alignment and then use the Complex By Elements command to join the replacement complex element with the rest of the now broken original alignment.  But this is not desired because I cannot use the original alignment name which is what my corridor is currently using.  The profile is associated to this new alignment but again my corridor is associated to the original alignment name.

I would like to keep original alignment intact and insert or replace the replacement alignment so as to keep the original alignment name which will not affect my corridor.  Anyone?



MS V8i

Geopak V8i