Station Offset Command

With Inroads we have the ability to use the station offset command for precise input relative to an alignment. The syntax being:


This ability seems to be replaced by civil accudraw however the more powerful feature to this keyin is not in the single entry but with the ability to create a text file with a long series of keyins that can be parsed. You create a simple text file and then in your keyin window you enter something like "@C:\SO_List.txt". This simple ability is extremely powerful and is something I want to see retained in future releases of Openroads. Further this is one of the things I miss most when working in Geopak. The prospect that we will have one product and have this ability is exciting and I want to make sure the developers are consider this moving forward. Right now with the the legacy portion of Inroads we have this ability but hope it is retained as the legacy portions deprecated.



  • Ditto!

    When I was at a DOT, we were an InRoads shop, back when that was an Intergraph product. One of my users saw a demonstration of GEOPAK and once I looked at it, I saw there might be benefits to having both products available. As it turned out, I became the guy that the Intergraph guys went to to find out what parts of GEOPAK were not available in InRoads that I felt were compelling enough to consider having two Civil design products

    Well, I also used this opportunity to push the GEOPAK guys to add certain features to its product to compete better with InRoads. One of them was the special key-ins, like SO=. All I kept hearing from them was that they had that with the DP Station and Offset dialog box. I could not get them to hear me talking about batching these using a simple script file - something totally unavailable with the DP S&O dialog box. It was maddening!

    So, lets hope they are hearing us this time.

    Charles (Chuck) Rheault
    CADD Manager

    MDOT State Highway Administration

    • MicroStation user since IGDS, InRoads user since TDP.
    • AutoCAD, Land Desktop and Civil 3D, off and on since 1996
  • If anyone from Bentley is listening Inroads tracking and the SO command need to be carried forward!  :-)

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