OpenRoads: vertical curve definition

Hi All,

I have a 30 km longhighway schema. Client requirement is to design vertical profile with vertical curves set as circural elemetns.  I set in Civil settings vertical curve parameter to Rvalue. 

Designing vertical alignment goes quite seamles. I added a number of vertical  circural curves with approperiate tools with no problemems at all. The problem occures when I need to export my geometry back to native (InRoads) alg file. It stops importing vertical alignment on the firs station where Reverse Profile Transistion was used. I genereated report and was surprised to find out that this transition was definied with parabolas.

In alg file we must not have mixed vertical curve types. I hopped to change InRoads option for Geometry to enforce parabolic definition but it switches back to circural on every export try. It looks that when the firs openroads element matters: if it is a circural arc - alg would have circural definition set for cvertical curves. If it is parabola, the alg definition would be set to parabolic type.

With all that being said, now I want to annotate my profile. Can not be done without alg file and I can not create that file now. I need to delete all elements created with Reverse Profile Transition and redesign my vertical profile. The  workflow would be needed as well if someone accidently mixed vertical curve types in civil geometry.

Is there a tool to design reverse profile transition with ircural elements? Is there a way to avoid mixing vertical curve types when designing profile. Is there a way to unify vertical curve types on export to alg file?



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