Feature Name Override as Point Control

I am trying to use a point control (linear geometry) to control a slope line.  The point names at the end of each end condition solution are different and would require multiple point controls through the area. To solve this, in the template, I am attempting to  “Use Feature Name Override” to change all the tie in points to “ToeTie L” or “ToeTie R”.  This seems to work and the Tie features are created in the corridor.  The issue comes when I try to create the point control… the ToeTie L and ToeTie R are not in the drop down list of points available to assign a point control to.  The actual point names for the Toes are.

Is there some setting that tells a feature/point to show up in the list?  I thought this was what the Name Override was for… to create a continuous feature of the same name...   Is this a defect? 

MX V8i SS3 OpenRoads.... Win 7

Thanks, TechNH