PowerCivil For North America Labelling?

Okay,  I am finally taking the plunge into PowerCivil for NA coming from PowerCivil Geopak. I am probably going to ask a lot of dumb questions over the next couple of months so bear with me.

My first most imperative question is: What is the Inroads equivalent of the Geopak Plan View labeler tool(s)? ie. Bearing/Distance with leader for example?



  • Drafting tools - there are labeling tools for Plan, Profile or Cross Section
    When used, you end up in the same dialog box, but if you select the Plan Labeling tool and browse into a profile or cross section label tools, they will not work. You must launch each from their own menu.
    Sometimes, the tool needs the method to be element to function, others can work off a data point.

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