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What is the best process to bing a surveyed feature into a DGN file and convert it to an alignment so I can display the stationing and then run a Station-Offset-Elevation report from it to a set of points on a bridge deck. The feature is made up of several separate pieces. I did this successfully yesterday but today my stationing is displayed 2157370958.6613 feet  from the alignment graphic. I think this is an indication of a MicroStation glitch.


  • Jacquelyn,
    I’m using an old InRoads DTM file from survey. My survey features come in without Feature Definitions so I first have to use the Create Complex Chain command and then the Complex by Elements command. That’s the only difference in my workflow. Usually that works fine but occasionally the stationing is a billion feet away from the alignment. I think an overlap in the surveyed line segments are causing this issue when the Complex by Elements command is executed. There are other causes but in this example I believe it to be the overlaps. I think the overlaps cause violations of the geometry rules and therefore throw the stationing into outer space.
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  • This bug still exists and can be occur with other workflows. I suspect we'll wait for the 64 bit version for a resolution.
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