SS3/SS4 Productivity Booster - Profile View from referenced dgn file

Most of OpenRoads power comes from Microstation rich referencing capabilities. That is a huge advantage when compared to SS2 InRoads Roadway Designer where all corridors must be in a single ird file to see each others.

we have a geomtry.dgn file and corridor.dgn file. Geometry dgn is referenced to corridor.dgn where corridor is created. We work in multi view environment: one viev per corridor plan (Default model)). one per 3D view (Default-3D model), one per cross-section (dynamic cross-section view). We miss just one view - THE PROFILE view, we can not display it beccause software will not allow for openning Profile View from referenced files, even as read only. 

We need to be able to track simultanously all views in a single instance of software running. For now we need to open another PowerInroads instance and open there geometry.dgn just to display Profile View, but we sill can not track plan. 3d view, cros section view and Profile simultanously.