InRoads SS2 - Create/Edit Alignment by Cogo Points - Is there a limitation on the number of Cogo Points that the editor can handle?

It looks like the Create/Edit Alignment by Cogo Points is limited when trying to edit an alignment with a large about of PI's.

I have a very large horizontal alignment (many PI's), and when I invoke the Create/Edit Alignment by Cogo Points command, it tells me that the alignment 't has illegal point names, and asks me if I want to assign names. After answering "yes", InRoads seems to assign point numbers without a problem. I can save the alignment, review the cogo points, all is good.

However, if I try to invoke the Create/Edit Alignment by Cogo Points again,  I get an "Operation failed" error in the status bar.

I am guessing that the problem has to do with the very large amount of points that my alignment has, and even though the alignment is working, the editor can't handle it.

Can anyone tell me if this is a known limitation?


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