InRoads Utilities Symbology

I am using Power InRoads V8i (Select Series 4) V08.11.09.789.

When I set the symbology for my utilities, using  the Create Utility tools and then the Edit Utility tool to edit the utility details, I am unable to either Save or Save As the modified data as a Preference as I get the message 'Preference not Found'.

This means that each time I opeen InRoads I have to update the Utilities symbology if I am doing anything which involes refreshing my Utility data i.e. upating the drainage profile. Does anyone else have this problem and any suggestions how to rectify matters?  

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  • Which version are you using?
    It may not have been fixed, and if it hasn't, it won't be. Bentley is putting all of their development into OpenRoads, and no new work is being done on the V8i-based packages. If I remember correctly, Bentley will not even be offering support for V8i MicroStation as of later this year, and I'm sure the other V8i packages will go at the same time.


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