Copy a corridor on a new dgn file

I have several corridors in a dgn file.

Another dgn file with the Geometry and another with superelevations are references.

It´s possible copy in a new dgn file one of those corridors , maintaining all rules and without losing  the corridor´s objets?

In other words, How I can copy a corridor and corridors objects in a new dgn file.

Thank you very much.

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  • This highlights one of the major disadvantages of OpenRoads with respect to InRoads SS2: the inability to accommodate design alternatives and iterations.  Copying corridors in Roadway Designer is a quick and easy operation, as is copying surfaces and alignments.  Some improvements have been made (superelevation editing, for instance) but until the capabilities are comparable to what is available in SS2 ORD is an incomplete product.

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