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Hello - I have a user who has used the Google Earth tools with Power GEOPAK for some time.  Recently these tools stopped working.  I'm really not familiar with the tools, but I cannot replicate this user's problem because nothing seems to work for me.  We have not had access to Google Earth for several years.  Now that we have it, we have Google Earth Pro.  I have two questions.  (1) Does Google Earth Pro work the same with these tools, or is the API different perhaps?  and (2) is it possible that there is something in the workspace that is "breaking" this integration?  (We are using Power GEOPAK SS3 v08.11.09.722.)

Thanks for your time.

Frank Boston, Michigan DOT Survey Support

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    There have been some recent service requests filed with MicroStation, PowerInRoads, PowerGEOPAK, and PowerCivil regarding Geographics tools not working correctly with Google Earth.  This is a known issue and the two known commands affected are:

    Tools > Geographics > Capture Google Earth Image

    Tools > Geographics > Synchronize Google Earth View

    What has happened is an update to Google Earth Pro has broken some connection and these tools no longer work with our released products.  This is fixed in the upcoming CONNECT edition but we are also keeping track of the users reporting the issue to see if a fix in V8i is warranted.

    SOLUTION:  Back up to Google Earth version or earlier.  When downloading and installing this version, de-select the Auto-Update box so it will not update Google Earth automatically.  If it does it will cause the issue to reoccur.

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