V8i SS2 End condition exceptions issue

The template I am using in InRoads has four end conditions.  A variety of fill slopes, and a cut that inserts a channel.  I have created another end condition for a modified embankment that creates a channel like the cut, but then puts a mound behind it. This is mainly being used to waste excess material.  We have also been using it to continue the cut channel through an area where we want to keep the roadway runoff in a channel to take it to a stormwater management facility.  I have been successful in using the end condition exceptions in several places to accomplish this.  The latest area I tried this in though has been having issues.  The modified embankment only appears in a portion of the end condition exception.  What could be causing this?  I saw some other posts on this issue stating that the point must be a constant offset.  The point that the end condition connects to is a constant 66' from centerline.


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  • There are some very easy fixes to the problems that you are experiencing.

    Below are the End Condition Exceptions that are causing the problems:

    The first problem I see is that the right override is not solving at STA 603+25:

    If you go into the End Condition Exception, and test the end conditions, you can see exactly what is happening.  When the ground surface is higher than point, ROutside_Rounding, the last end condition cannot solve, so therefore none of the end conditions solve.

    A solution here is change ROutside_Rounding to "Check for Intersection".

    It is also recommend that you fully constrain RFill  (for reasons I will explain in just a moment).  You currently just have the Slope Constraint.  Add the Horizontal Constraint as shown below:

    The result of these two changes are shown below:

    The next problem area I noticed begins at STA 634+38.5537:

    If you look at the End Condition Exception, the problem here is that Rfill is not fully constrained.  You are telling the component what you want the slope to be, but not which direction.  The end condition is going to solve at the nearest location that satisfies the slope constraint.  Again, add the Horizontal Constraint as shown below.

    The result is shown below:

    You have the same issue as above for the left override at STA 639+12.500:

    Again, fully constrain LFill by adding a Horizontal Constraint.

    I did not thoroughly check each station, so you will want to check all your End Condition Exceptions for the above issues.  I believe this same solutions will apply in all cases.

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