Having a problem with Geopak GetJobNumbersWithinAcdtiveDir

I have one VBA that will not find the gpk file. Using the same code that works on the other VBA. Below is the code from the example which is used to check. The result returns the path/jobjob104.gpk

 Dim jobNums()   As String
    Dim count       As Integer
    Dim myCogo      As Cogo

    'Array of Job Numbers
    jobNums() = GetJobNumbersWithinActiveDir()

    For count = LBound(jobNums) To UBound(jobNums)
        'Get the first Job Number in the array
        If 0 = count Then
            'Set the active Job Number
            Set myCogo = OpenCogoByJobNumber(104)
            'Set myCogo = OpenCogoByJobNumber(jobNums(count))

            If (myCogo Is Nothing) Then
                MsgBox "error reading job: " & jobNums(count)
                MsgBox myCogo.FullFileName
            End If

        End If

    Next count