SS3 Cross section Annotation; Leader Lines

Is there a way to create custom leader lines for annotating cross sections in Geopak SS3?  Currently I am using cells that I created associated with the feature lines built into the template.  They display in certain areas instead of the default "X".  It works well, however, it has significantly bogged down the process of cutting cross sections and navigating through the model.

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    My apologies on lack of description. I have been cutting cross sections from the "ka100804 Project Alignment 4-Lane (South of Buffalo Dunes)" dgn file. All needed files are referenced into that file and I have been cutting the cross sections along the PRCL83 alignment.

    Background: I recently upgraded to a new machine and in the process I forgot to move over my cell libraries to the new workspace. Before realizing this, I cut cross sections and noticed a substantial decrease in the amount of time it took. I originally thought this was because of the upgraded machine. I then noticed that my leader line cells were not present in the cross sections. I moved my cell libraries into the new workspace and re-cut the cross sections. This time, the process was much slower and took much longer to finish now that the model was able to place the leader cells.