SS3 Cross section Annotation; Leader Lines

Is there a way to create custom leader lines for annotating cross sections in Geopak SS3?  Currently I am using cells that I created associated with the feature lines built into the template.  They display in certain areas instead of the default "X".  It works well, however, it has significantly bogged down the process of cutting cross sections and navigating through the model.

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  • We have the same problem. cutting cross-sections in SS3 (.722) takes too much time. Even for short corridors. eg. cutting 200 CS takes 30 minutes and more (5 km long corridor with 25 m interval). We display few cells on cross-sections to show:

    -existing RoW
    -proposed RoW
    -temporary RoW
    -undergróund utilities
    -overhead lines
    -noise protection

    All above is required by our Client. In SS2 it took seconds to cut CS and cells didn't result in processing time. Morever we were able to cut CS without all thes additional information and then update SC when required. there is no update CS function in SS3/SS4. That's shame.

    We have projectwise managed workspace if that is relevant.



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