SS3 Cross section Annotation; Leader Lines

Is there a way to create custom leader lines for annotating cross sections in Geopak SS3?  Currently I am using cells that I created associated with the feature lines built into the template.  They display in certain areas instead of the default "X".  It works well, however, it has significantly bogged down the process of cutting cross sections and navigating through the model.

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  • Jacquelyn

    we tested cutting CS with latest SS4 once it was released and indeed it is much faster. The problem is that it might be risky to upgrade from SS3 to SS4 when project is in advanced stage. DGN files need to be updated to SS4 and there is no way back. Moreover we have ProjectWise managed workspace and SS4 can not even start with it - so potentially there are some changes in variables, cfg files etc. that may cause troubles. We wanted to upgrade in the middle of this projet but Bentley Support advised we would better not.