What are the capabilities of COGO points for Open Roads?

I recently completed a task that took advantage of COGO points in Power InRoads Ss2. I have found a myriad of traditional and non-traditional uses for COGO Points over the years.

Over time, as I understand it, Open Roads will incorporate more and more of the native Civil/Site tools until at some point, there will only be Open Roads. Will Points in Open Roads have all of the capabilities of COGO Points in the native tools?

Believe it or not, we still find uses for ICS input files. And I recently needed to filter my points with an XML Report based upon a Fence. Will these continue to be available?

I guess, if there were no plans for this, I'd like to make a motion that the capabilities of traditional COGO and the native XML Reports are carried forward into Open Roads. Please feel free to second the motion if you agree.

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