Learn Server On-Demand Training

Greetings...this is my first question in this community and I hope I'm generally in the right place.

I'm a long time ACAD/Carlson and ACAD/C3D user. I've been a surveyor for about 40 years and have a decent grasp on the processes and end products that I will provide. The approach is to scour the Learn Server and get as much as I can from that source.

I have an issue with the Learn Server in that I can access most of the training but can not access the 'hands on' training. The hands on training spawns a new occurrence of the web browser which freezes. There is a statement to update Adobe Flash and I get a Java error that 'lms.bentley.com' is using a version of Java that is not compatable or older than the Java version on the machine.

I keep a current Adobe Pro license so Adobe Flash should be OK, but I manually updated that anyway. I'm not sure about the Java part, or maybe I'm missing the real problem all together. I contacted Bentley and they sent me the IE security settings and I went through that. The only thing about the internet/tools/security - downloads category is that Bentley calls for 'Automated prompting for the file downloads' to be set to enabled, but I don't have that option showing in the configuration.

Any suggestions would be appreciated......dan galbraith

  • Hi Dan. There are currently two requirements to use the 'hands-on' courses in the LEARNserver. First, you must use Internet Explorer. Second, in Internet Explorer go to Tools > Compatibility View Settings and add bentley.com to the list of Websites that will be shown in compatibility view.

    We understand these requirements are not ideal but they are necessary for now. We are working on an update to the LEARNserver that will eliminate these requirements and will provide you with direct download capabilities for these 'hands-on' courses.

    If you continue to have problems accessing any of the 'hands-on' courses please feel free to email me directly at dan.ahern@bentley.com.

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