Issues with building a modified "Basic T" Civil Cell

Our client has a different design for it's side roads and entrances. Instead of a radius going from the mainline EOP to the entrance or side road EOP, there is a taper prior to the radius. Please look at the example I provided.

I followed the steps in order to create a civil cell based off the OpenRoads Technology - 07 Civil Cells training pdf. I was able to get my entrance EOP, and the tapered parts of the EOP in the civil cell, but I cant seem to get the radius. Sometimes I don't get the taper, nor the radius. All components do show up in the 3D model. 

I used a constant elevation of 10 for the white horizontal and vertical reference lines. I used project profile from element on the two tapered EOP lines, and then used quick profile transition for the two curves

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is a pic of the cell I designed.

Here is a pic of when I snapped to both access lines while creating the civil cell.

This is what I get when I want to place the civil cell. The curves do not show up, but they do if I were to do a Basic T with out the taper.

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