PowerInRoads V8i (select series 4) MDL Loader error

We recently installed PowerInRoads V8i (select series 4) and cannot use any of the inroads commands such as Inroads, inroads survey, inroads Bridge, etc...

I get this error every time:  MDL Loader: Could not load application c:\program files (x86)\bentley\inroads group V8.11\bin\civustAT.ma

I have tried repairing the installation but had no luck.  This is a clean install on a machine without any other versions of Microstation.

  • When you launch Power InRoads, are all of the InRoads menus displayed in you main "MicroStation menus?
    IOW, Do your main menus read as follows:
    File, Edit, Element, Settings, Tools, Survey, Surface,Geometry, Evaluation, Drainage, Drafting, Quantities, Power InRoads Tools, etc.?
    Is it that you not seeing the InRoads Explorer? If so, go to the Power InRoads Tools menu and select Explorer Show/Hide.
    Since many of the tools and toolbars of InRoads are now also delivered as MicroStation toolbars, these new versions allow you to hide the InRoads Explorer and still access all of the InRoads tools.

    Charles (Chuck) Rheault
    CADD Manager

    MDOT State Highway Administration

    • MicroStation user since IGDS, InRoads user since TDP.
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  • Thanks! For some reason i had an Inroads toolbar on the left side of my screen and that was what i was using to run the commands. Once I found the explorer we were able to test things and it's running smoothly. Thanks again.
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