project explorer shows surface - What is best practice to work with this surface?
I could deactivate rules allowing editing with "New" Edit Terrain Model commands (I like the attempt at AutoCAD editing).  I don't know what "RULES" are, except it allows me to edit my surface using the improved commands.
I could "Strip" the survey data, making it graphics but lose the editing ability (but this is needed at some point to commit to graphics and give to a client).  Or I guess I could Export to LandXML and then re-import to create a surface using the SS3 commands, then allowing access to these new SS3 editing commands?  I'd like some sort of workflow that makes sense for an existing ground surface from survey data that always needs editing.  Also is SS3 getting away from InRoads .DTM files and going toward LandXML format DTM files?  I'm trying to use the new SS3 methods without using the old Inroads window of commands.