MicroStation (Various): Installing Multiple Versions of MicroStation/InRoads/Map

We are often required to have multiple versions of Microstation and InRoads active on our workstations.  I am looking for a detailed workflow on proper installation procedures.  If a such a workflow does not exist, I would like to create one.  Can you assist?

In a big company, the users have lost most of the control of the installation process, and it is getting to a point where we need a written procedure to supply to the IT department, in an attempt to have a smooth installation.  For example, say a user has newer PowerInRoads version installed already, but needs to have Microstation XM and InRoads XM installed.  After requesting installation from IT, the IT rep tends to install just the requested software version, without regard to installation order by release date and the need to reinstall the existing software.  In the end, the software doesn't work correctly.

Can you help me with understanding:

  • when installation order matters and when it doesn't
  • how existing Microstation/InRoads/Map program versions are affected by installs of other versions
  • which versions can and cannot exist simultaneously on the same workstation
  • what about the workstation should be assessed before installation of anything

Are there other things to be considered?

Are there training topics that exist that I could review?


  • Thank you. There is one aspect of this I would like to clarify. In past installations throughout our office, we have had problems resulting from installing older versions after newer versions, (i.e. XM after V8i). Problems vary from the programs shutting down shortly after startup to never loading at all. In past conversations with another representative of Bentley we have been told the installation order is vital because there is an issue stemming from the XML versions in the prerequisites.

    Has this XML version issue been corrected in the packaged prerequisite files? Is that why installation order no longer matters?
  • Power products are not as restricted on multiple versions per PC. We have installed Power InRoads and Power Survey Ss2 and Ss4 and even share workspaces (with certain considerations) once installed.

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