Geopak VBA for COGOProfilePort

I am trying to pick a Geopak Profile Cell and get the Station and Elevation of that cell. The description of the DesignOrigin property seems to describe this but it is confusing. According to the help the Point3d returned,

Gets the point in the design coordinates system which corresponds to the Origin of the~tDrawingPort in the MicroStation model.
In case of a CogoProfilePort for example, the Origin property corresponds to the origin of the cell in the MicroStation model, and the DesignOrigin correponds to the corresponding point in the CogoChain profile, with:
- X = absolute station (DistanceAlong) along the chain
- Y = elevation 

So how is the station and elevation returned? By the X and Y? What would the example be?

Station = profilePort.DesignOrigin.x?

Also, how much of this will change with Open Roads?

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