Projecting Corridor Point to a Profile

I'm a relatively new InRoads user, so I apologize if this is kindergarten level....

In v8i SS2, I have a roadway corridor with one or two 'backbone' templates, with several different end condition exceptions set up for areas of varying slopes, guardrail, cut ditch, berm ditch, etc.   I have tried very hard to have all my inside ditch elevations controlled by either Point DT-LT or DT-RT, depending on which side of the alignment the ditch exists.  Some of the adjustments to the ditch elevation points are made by point controls like elevation and grade, some by parameter like 3' depth from shoulder break, etc. None so far by vertical profile.

Is there a way to project or display the vertical profile of both corridor points DT-LT and DT-RT onto the mainline profile?  If not the corridor point, then maybe as a feature from the finished surface?  I'm after step-by-step, "follow-the-recipe" level instructions for this task.  I know the software has the info I'm after, I just need the "HOW" to get it displayed.  

Thanks in advance for all your help and ideas,