[SS4] Delete Dynamic Cross Section Views

This tool now appears when you right-click and hold within a dynamic cross section model. I found it promising, as I've had to delete cross section views from time to time because of settings that were awry which I learned later might have been solved some other way.

What I'm seeing, now that I've used it for the first time, is that it returns all views to the default model.

I may be misinterpreting what I'm seeing in the key-in history but it looks like that tool, when activated from View 4, runs the key-in "geometry crosssection deletedxsviews 3" (which makes sense if view 1 is considered 0). 

Possibly related observation:

  1. Open a file that has a 3d model.
  2. Have at least two views set to different models.
  3. Create a dynamic cross section view in a third view.
  4. Key-in "civil display browser" to open ObjectSpace Browser and delete the appropriate entry under DynamicCrossSectionSpace.
  5. See that this deletion affects only that view.
  6. Anytime between now and step 10, create a new dynamic cross section.
  7. Click on headings or any entry gives you a nonfatal .NET error at Bentley.Ustn.Element.ElementAgenda.Clear(ElementAgenda* ).
  8. Refresh the browser at your leisure. See that clicking on headings and entries gives you the same error.
  9. Close the ObjectSpace Browser, then open a new one. Click on headings and entries gives you no error.
  10. Delete the new dynamic cross section space. 
  11. See that this affects all views, changing them all to the default model.
  12. Close the ObjectSpace Browser.
  13. Now, repeat steps 2 and 3.
  14. Go to File > Open and open the very same file you were working in.
  15. Now repeat step 4. See that this affects all views.
  16. Now close the file by pressing Ctrl+W. (This resets Geopak to some important extent.) Then open the same file.
  17. Now, repeat steps 2-5. 

From my observations outlined, it looks like the subroutine to delete the cross section views could be improved.

If you use the key-in "civil display browser" and delete the appropriate entry under the DynamicCrossSectionSpace, it doesn't affect any other views, and changes only that view back to the Default model.