Station/Offset/Elevation Report for Template Point in OpenRoads

I'm trying to create a report that gives me the Offset/Elevation of a template point at a set interval based off the stationing of the Main alignment.

I have a DITCH_CEN_LT point that defines the center of my ditch on the left side of my template. I want to create a report that will give me the Offset/Elevation of that point every 50' along the alignment used to create the corridor. IE: 1012+00, 1012+50, 1013+00, 1013+50, etc etc.

Currently I tried using the Station Offset Report tool inside of Analysis & Reporting. I select my main Alignment, I select the 2D linework created by DITCH_CEN_LT, under options I have the interval set to 50 ... but when the report spits out the info it starts at 1038+11.83 ... the first station where DITCH_CEN_LT appears (There is a different template drop before that does not include DITCH_CEN_LT).

EDIT: And as I look closer I'm realizing, it's not even spitting them out every 50 feet. It's 1038+11.83, 1038+61.50, 1039+07.96 ... I don't understand this report.

Is there away to have it spit out a report that does it starting at the station of my choosing, like a nice round number?

Chris Williams